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Brand Name:Hui Lingyang
Applicable number:3-4 people
External Dimension:425x200x130cm
Internal Dimension:200x180x120cm
Storage Dimension:65x17x17cm
Net weight:3.9 kg
Outer material:190T polyester
Inner material:190T polyester fabric + B3 mesh yarn
Base fabric:PE
Pole:8.5mm fiberglass rod
1.Double-storey one-bedroom and one-living room structure ,The extended version of the external tent;The leisure area and the accommodation area are separated;The functional division is more reasonable;multiple doors;and transparent.
2.Independent internal tent,Easy installation;3-4 people space;mesh door;transparent and comfortable.High quality rainproof fabric
3.Solid and durable fabric,Selected high-quality environmental fabrics, no harmful gas emissions, waterproof and windproof 190T polyester fabric is wear-resistant and durable
4.Function area of one bedroom and one parlor, the entertainment and accommodation layout is more reasonable.
5.Integrated upgraded 190T polyester and PU2500 special waterproof coating can effectively prevent rain immersion, double sun-proof and windproof defence.
6.Suitable for family and team camping, capable of accommodating 4 people in length and width.
7.Fix the tent is after connecting it with the wind rope, and it will be still firm in windy weather.
8.Anti-mosquito high-density gauze and skylight
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