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Ultralight Camping Sleeping Mummy White Duck Down Sleeping Bag Adult Portable Comfortably Down Sleeping Bags




Type: Mummy Sleeping Bags
Size: 220x85x60cm
Net Weight: 2.0Kg
Storage: 42x21cm
Style: Munny
Fabric: 320T Fine Nylon
Lining: 320T Polyester Pongee
Filling: 1,200g of duck down
Temperature Scale: 10℃~0℃
1.“HUI LINGYANG” and “GAZELLE OUTDOORS” are the brands of our company. We send products that match the picture.
2.The sleeping bag is evenly and quantitatively filled with selected high-quality white duck down, with strong wrapping ability, high filling power and no odor, which is warm and comfortable.
3.The 320T polyester pongee lining feels like silk, without odor or irritation, which can increase the temperature rapidly and keep the temperature and warmth to allow the user to enjoy comfortable sleep.
4.The nylon matt fabric and the anti-fouling water-repellent layer create lotus-like water-repellent effect,Effectively prevent accidental water spraying and ensure the inside is dry.
5.The whole bag can be directly washed by machine, which is simple and convenient.