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Mid East Camping Stove Propane Refill Adapter Gas Burner Adapter joint Valve LPG Flat Cylinder Tank Coupler Bottle Adapter



Features: The main function of the connecting pipe is to change the camping stove of the flat gas tank to liquefied gas. The knob is moderately sized and comfortable to handle, making it easy to adjust the gas flow rate of the gas tank. Full copper joint, 360° rotary docking is convenient and flexible. Specifications: Product Name: Conversion Connector Length: The total length is about 105cm Main Material: Copper, Aluminum Alloy, Stain less steel, Rubber(gas pipe, sealing ring) Tread: one end of the gas tank is M14x1.5, and one of the campiing stove valve is US 7/16-28UNEF The tube is a high-pressure rubber tube in a stainless steel braided gas tank. Weight: about 143g