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Hewolf Winter Sleeping Bag Envelope Duck Down Thickening Camping Splicing Winproof Warm Sleeping For Outdoor Traveling Hiking


Blue 1400g
Blue 1700g
Blue 2100g
Blue 2300g
Blue 2600g
Red 1400g
Red 1700g
Red 2100g
Red 2300g
Red 2600g

Production Description
Materials:Super soft spring sub textile
Filling:Free-range high quality white down
Specification : (180+30)x80cm
Net Weight: 1.4kg~ 2.6kg
Notice:For the sleeping bag size.We measured with the largest range edge by hand,it will have a bit difference.Just for your reference.All batches are the same products.Hope won't have doubt of this problem.Thank you.睡袋888-01_01睡袋888-01_02睡袋888-01_03睡袋888-01_04睡袋888-01_05睡袋888-01_06睡袋888-01_07睡袋888-01_08睡袋888-02_01睡袋888-02_02睡袋888-02_03睡袋888-02_04睡袋888-02_05睡袋888-02_06睡袋888-02_07睡袋888-02_08