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BRS Outdoor Gasoline Stove Burners Camping Equipment Portable Gas Stove Multi-Use Camping Stove for Outdoor Cooking Picnic



1.Better pre-heating effect due to unique design of pre-heating device(only 30s)
2.Strong firepower: it only takes 3min to boil 1L water (change with weather, fuel, and cooking ware accordingly)
3. Gas Pump has build-in wear resistant fitting, which enables a longer service life of cup leather inside and larger gas supply
4.Air nozzle with copper ball filter oil-absorbing fitting and macromolecule crystal enable a more thorough filtration, and effectively prevent jam of air nozzle
5.Safe amd durable oil bottle which is particularly made
6. Unique oil-absorbing design secures complete use of fuel in the oil bottle
7.Stand with super bearing capacity can afford vertical pressure within 80kg.
8.All the seal rings used in this product are particularly made by our company, with good resilience, resistant to wear, aging, oil, and high temperature.Long service life is secured.
9.Material of the pump has change from traditional plastic to one-time-formed structure of aluminum magnesium alloy, with advanteges of high-strenth,long service life,etc.
10.Release valve can solve the problem of being difficult to open when there is high pressure in the fuel bottle.
11.Suicase-like package disposes of the inconvenience and shortages for traditional woven bag. What's more, it can be used as petite table, particularly friendly to clan owning cars.
Brand name: BRS
Material: Copper alloy and high-temperate resistant stainless steel
Stove Open top Size: 189 * 85mm/
Stove Open bottom Size: 198mm
Stove Folding Size: 95 * 85mm
Color box size: 275 * 205 *93mm
Main Parts Weight: 433g(Stove and Oil Pump) 115g (Gas Cartridge)
Fuel: Gasolinem, Kerosene, Diesel oil, Butane gas etc.
Applications: Outdoor cooking, Camping cooking, Other cooking works.
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